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Who we are

Zero Quest came about because we felt the need to show people that there are other ways we can do things as human beings on this earth. We can actually thrive without harming the planet or ourselves.

Simply put, Zero Quest is a space to inspire and remind you that you can live in harmony with nature and build beautiful, self sufficient homes, resilient communities and businesses that balance profit with purpose.

After working for over 25 years with children and communities, I realised that real happiness, wellbeing and abundance comes when we are in balance with nature and aligned we our highest integrity. At Zero Quest we offer consulting and coaching so that you can learn to integrate this vision into your life and transform your home, school or business into a beautiful conscious community for a new earth.

Our vision

To create conscious communities through nature based solutions enabling the journey to self sufficiency and circular economies.

Our mission

We create custom made solutions for your home, school or business on your journey to becoming a resilient, self sufficient, conscious community.

What we do


We work with local community projects and NGO's who want to reduce their footprints and create nature based environments.Contact us for more information on our local projects.


We say that 'change starts at home' and 'home is where the heart is'. When we put love and joyous effort into creating a nurturing home, we cannot overlook the issue of sustainability and waste. We show you how to create a zero waste home and learn how to implement the 5 R's refusing, reducing, reusing, recycling and rotting ( composting).

Contact us for a free consultation so you can create a self sustaining, eco friendly home.


Zero quest works with Purpose Driven Businesses to create tailor made sustainability plans on their journey to Net Zero. We can also connect you to social impact projects in your local community. Contact us for a free consultation.


We love to work with schools! Zero Quest can guide you step by step towards greening your campus and implementing eco friendly goals including creating food forests, water capture systems, composting and seed hubs. Get in touch with us for a free consultation!


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Let's build something together!

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