Creating Conscious Communities.


What is Zero Waste?

Put simply, the goal is to significantly reduce the amount of waste we generate in our homes and communities by following the 5 'R's. Refusing and Reducing what we do not need, Reusing what we already have, Recycling what cannot be reused and Rotting what can be composted.


Why is Zero Waste important?

Plastic pollution is everywhere, natural resources are disappearing and contamination of our soil, air, water and food is growing like never before. By drastically reducing what we send to landfills and incinerators, we are preventing even more pollution. By refusing to buy unsustainable products, we are sending a message to manufacturers to redesign their products and rethink their production chain. By reusing what we already have, we avoid having to constantly buy new stuff. Although there are many things you can do as an individual, Zero Waste is most successful when it is carried out as a systemic community effort.


How can I adopt a Zero Waste lifestyle?

By taking small, practical and realistic steps, making simple swaps and rethinking consumer habits and lifestyle choices.

The idea is to take it slow and make it grow.




We live in a chaotic world where the rules are: 'First,' 'Fast' and 'More.' Unfortunately this has led humanity towards a rhythm of self destruction on a scale not seen in our lifetime.


I'm Patricia and I started this blog because I believe in honesty, respect and personal integrity, not just towards those around us and our planet, but also towards ourselves.

I believe in being brave and making what you do, count.

I believe that we (and our children) have the right to know that there are alternative lifestyles that do not cause harm to the survival of our planet but instead promote what I like to call  environmental mindfulness and helps to cultivate sharp, intuitive self awareness.


I am a teacher turned activist and have decided to champion this cause like no other. Adopting what I hope are little glints of wisdom from my years of teaching, together with my own tried and tested Zero Waste hacks and tips, my mission is to share with whoever wants to listen. 

Ever since I launched this project, I have stirred interest in my local community where I am developing a social project. See: Ocean Conscious Bags. To see what I’ve been up to, browse my site, read my blog, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.


Inspiring, encouraging and guiding Zero Waste Projects for homes, schools and businesses.

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Zero Waste Alternatives



With a view to offering sustainable solutions for shopping, while reducing our Carbon Footprint and promoting a circular Economy, Ocean Conscious Produce Bags are made locally  from reused or recycled  fabric.


The Ocean Conscious Community Project collaborate with Oceans4Life. Ten percent of all Ocean Conscious Bags sold goes to Oceans4Life and the rest is reinvested into the ocean Conscious Community Project educating communities in sustainability and promoting a circular economy.


Ocean Conscious Produce bags are made by local people in the community. It provides opportunities to those who often struggle to make ends meet. The bags are carefully and lovingly crafted as the people involved in their creation,  understand and care about their value and significance.