Oceans4life Gran Canaria, is a non profit organisation raising funds and promoting initiatives to help encourage recycling and the reduction of plastic. With an array of fundraising events and volunteer projects, this team of dynamic, driven and spirited international volunteers are making a difference, educating and encouraging islanders to clean and preserve their beautiful, natural environment.

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Ocean Conscious Produce Bags

These bags are made from reused fabric (curtains, sheets, linen) The fabrics are carefully selected, gently sanitised and made into beautiful produce bags for bulk shopping. They are an ideal sustainable solution for single use plastic bags as they can be reused over and over again. Because they are made from recycled fabric and not sourced from primary materials, the carbon footprint is tiny compared to bags made from brand new textile.


We know it feels good to use something made from a product that could have ended up in a landfill. Feels even better knowing that proceeds from these bags go towards helping to clean our oceans. Thank you for choosing Ocean Conscious Bags!

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Community EcoProjects

Community projects not only help communities to thrive but also connect people through common goals and promote environmental awareness and education.

Whether it's a beach clean up, creating community gardens, setting up a community kitchen or a 'swap shop,' we can help you contact the right people in your local community so that your project can get off to a good start.