Eco Workshops

Zero Quest offers a range of  Zero Waste activities,

talks and workshops for schools and colleges. Each

event is custom designed to compliment your

curriculum and fit your students' needs.

Helping to Create Low Waste School Communities

Helping schools to adopt eco friendly initiatives, 'green' their campus and lead by example.

Eco Tips for Parents and Teachers:


Need help to lead your school towards sustainability success? Creating a sustainability plan to 'green' your campus, integrating themes into the curriculum, involving the entire community, conducting a campus audit and monitoring progress can be daunting.

Low Waste Back to School Supplies

The first thing we need to know about Low Waste school materials and supplies, is that we already have them! I'm talking about reusing what we already own. Where is it written that our kids need a brand new back pack, pencil case and stationary supply at the start of every school year? I have been a Preschool teacher for over 20 years and I don't ever remember asking parents to buy their kids anything new at the start of any trimester. If your kids are a little older and do need folders, binders and notebooks however, here are a few tips to help you make your choices a little more sustainable:

  1. Always discuss with your child the option of creatively repurposing last year's folders or binders (if they are still in good condition.) They can be covered with colourful left over wrapping paper or fabric.

  2. Try to get folders made from card rather than plastics as these can be eventually recycled.

  3. Carefully extract any unused lined paper from last year's notebooks as these can be reused for notes.

  4. Consider getting pencil highlighters rather than plastic marker ones as these do a great job without creating plastic waste.

  5. Get crafty and help your chid make their own pencil case from fabric scraps. A good example of this is a Japanese Saki roll pencil case.

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