Stuff Happens

While we find some stuff hard to let go of, either because we are emotionally attached to it or because we think we may need it in the future, there is no doubt we have to start somewhere.

The first step in starting to organise and declutter your home (and life) is to recognise and admit you have too much stuff. You see, stuff has a funny way of creeping up on us. At times it seems that it's just everywhere.

Many of us are unaware of the abundance of things we own and have normalised our attitudes towards acquiring things we don't really need. Here are some hints to help you decide if you need to declutter your environment.


1. You find things in your home you never knew you had.

2. You find things you forgot you had.

3. You find things you wish you’d never bought

4. You find things that you have duplicates of.

5. You find things that are in advanced stages of decomposition.