Why We Should Definitely Be Buying Local

For Your Own Health.

Did you know that the longer a fresh product takes to get from it's source to your table, the more the nutrients in the produce diminishes? A study by Montclair University (Rodale Institute) found that the vitamin C content in fruits and vegetables on supermarket shelves were significantly lower than that of fruits and veg in local farmer's markets. When you think of how produce has to be wiped, scrubbed, sanitised, packaged, transported and handled constantly to get to supermarket shelves, you start to understand how a fresh produce can lose it's vital nutrients, not to mention the pesticides it may have 'encountered.' To see where I'm going with this, think of organic, fruit and veg that are grown in their own local, nutrient dense soil. They are bound to be loaded with vitamins and probiotics.

For Your Community's Health.

A community that interacts and communicates and shares with each other is a community that sticks together and thrives. There is nothing as joyous for me as going to the local farmer's market and chatting to the people who actually grow my food. There is something very precious about the deeply rooted interdependence we all have in our need to put food on our tables and in the way that a community can flourish by sharing a mutual respect for its native environment.

For Your Community's Wealth.

By buying locally, your money stays in the community and benefits the families and businesses that are around you and that often struggle to compete with massive companies. If your community thrives, you thrive, everything thrives. Everything is connected. It is a system that needs to be fed and nurtured in order to grow strong and healthy.

For The Planet's Health.

By buying locally you are helping to minimise the environmental impact and the huge carbon footprint that your food can have. If your produce is grown locally, the impact form transport, packaging emissions and contamination are reduced greatly.

So why not head to your local Farmer's Market this weekend? It could be a simple step towards creating a more conscious relationship with your community, your health and that of the planet.