Are We Ignoring Transition?

Cleanse, innovate, upgrade, customize, repeat. We are living in an era of constant ‘obsolete before you know it’ change.  It goes without saying that becoming better people and creating more mindful and sustainable communities is indeed our goal as a society but we mustn’t forget that for real transformation to occur, a process must take place whereby habits, conditioning, customs, dependence and even instincts need time to shift. This is true for any lifestyle change that we want to make. The operative word there was 'time' by the way. Don't have any? Too bad.We've become experts at jumping corners and pressing the 'share' button. The instant, effortless gratification culture. I feel it is misleading for those encouraging others to take on a zero waste life, to not talk about the transition process and the planning involved. Here I’m talking about the time and effort it takes to reach your first milestone and how you could be stuck in this milestone for months or even years. Yes you heard right. Few people will tell you that making swaps is simply not enough. It might make you feel better but if you haven’t drawn out some kind of map and adopted a nimble, resourceful mindset, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task and bewildered by how everyone else is managing to do it. To give you an idea, it’s like performing yoga movements without fully and clearly connecting your mind.  There is no real accomplishment without this synergy. The first step in achieving any kind of change is the desire and intention to do it. Hate to be the one to break it to you but the gap between an intention and the actual action could be huge. During this gap though, it is possible to experiment by swapping a few things here and there and doing some mental dabbling. This dabbling could also go on for a while. Then there will be a situation, opportunity or event where the penny drops and you hit another milestone. And so on. This is a raw and very real part of the change process and shouldn’t be dismissed. It is usually the part that gets muted or photoshopped out of the equation. Why ? because society is impatient with us and so is social media. It wanted our results yesterday. Lets gently remind ourselves of two things: Everything is valid. Everyone is different. There is no wrong or right rulebook for positive change if you have a sincere intention to enrich your life and create a better environment. However there is an individual process and transition which will stall you if you try to skip it. Let's celebrate the process and give it a whole chapter to itself.

Let’s start helping to grow our communities by educating, encouraging and most importantly acknowledging others’ transition journeys. After all it is better to experience a beautifully messy path than to arrive woefully unprepared.