Hosting a Week of TALKS in London on 
Zero Waste Living and Sustainable Solutions. 
17th- 25th November
(European Week for Waste Reduction 2018)


The Zero Waste Talks by ZERO QUEST are morning events introducing the Zero Waste Philosophy and lifestyle. Events will consist of Talks and Workshops which aim to inspire those who are wishing to co-create Zero Waste Community Projects and encourage and guide those who wish to adopt more sustainable lifestyle alternatives.



Topics discussed will include:

  • “Sound the Alarm” -The Urgent need for Sustainable Solutions

  • “The Zero Waste Home” –Redesign your Lifestyle-Zero Waste Alternatives

  • “Environmental Mindfulness” -Sustainability in Schools

  • “Green means Clean”- The Plastic Pollution Problem

  • “Responsibility is Mutual”- Moving Towards a Circular Economy-Community Projects.

The talk will be followed by a small workshop where participants can try making their own DIY Zero Waste alternatives and explore Zero Waste swaps for everyday items.

Participants will receive a directory of London based businesses, shops and  sustainable services (e-format).



The talks are designed for Parents, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, Project Managers, Students and anyone interested in protecting our planet, rethinking your lifestyle and creating change. 



The Zero Waste Philosophy and Lifestyle is gaining traction as it starts to boom across Europe.

There will be great networking opportunities for you with like minded people, project managers and entrepreneurs.

You are a parent, educator, project manager, community leader or business owner who wants to lead by example, create opportunities, care for your planet, make a difference and ignite creativity.

The events consist of small group sessions which will permit participants to talk, share, discuss, learn and grow.


Patricia is a teacher turned activist, entrepreneur, public speaker and mum who is passionate about Zero Waste. She began Zero Quest with the aim of educating and enriching her community through projects, talks, workshops and networking events. Through her talks, she aims to inspire and move you to embrace more sustainable lifestyle choices, give you the road map and guide you through the most effective, tried and tested sustainable solutions to everyday living as well as giving you the shortcuts, the tips and the hacks.